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xxxxxxx Lane

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Peter Trenear's Tree Nursery in XXXXXXX, Hampshire.
Last updated 19 February 2018
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ABIES KOREANA(Korean Silver Fir). Forms purple cones whilst still young. Christmas Tree shape.This is a tree of slow growth. No more than 10ft. in 10 years. Sturdy 4yr.20cm high trees from 9cm pots£2.50
ACER CAMPESTRE(Field Maple) This pleasing NATIVE TREE , with good autumn colour is easy to keep as either a BONSAI or as a Garden Shrub.responding well to pruning. I have some well branched 3yr starters from 3inch pots at£3.00
ACER PALMATUM I have some finem pot grown specimens in 2litre pots for collection only from 5. and 2year mixed colour seedlings in 3inch (8cm) pots at£3.00
ACER PALMATUM DISSECTUM ATROPURPUREUMFinely divided purple foliage on a low growing bush, with naturally curving growth. from 1litre pots £9.00
ACER PLATANOIDES(Norway Maple). A familiar garden tree,with yellow flowers in spring, variable shades of foliage and good autumn colour. 2yr. box grown seedlings 50p each. Older pot grown £2.50
AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANEUM(Horse Chestnut) 3yr. pot grown, pruned to keep small enough for Bonsai but still suitable for rapid growth if planted in the Garden.State whether for garden or pruned back for Bonsai.  £3.00
AMELANCHIER LAEVISOne of the best Spring flowering small trees. Masses of white blossom, followed in July with red fruits beloved by the Birds.Pot grown, pruned backn to 1ft.£ 3.00
AUCUBA VARIGATALike a golden varigated Laurel. but less overpowering. A reliable sturdy shrub.Strong bushes£3.50
BEECH (Fagus sylvatica) Field grown 2yr. transplants. Grown slowly for Bonsai use. approx. 30cms (1ft). 5 for £3.00
BETULA NANAARCTIC BIRCH A super dwarf shrub for the Rock Garden or Bonsai.Round leaves 1cm in diameter on a well branched 2 ft. shrub. These grow right up to the Arctic Circle, even over the permafrost,from 9cm pots. £2.50
BETULA PENDULABIRCH TREES.2 to 4 year old seedlings pruned back to average 20cms. Prices vary from £2.00
BUDDLEIA 'NANNO BLUE'A dwarf blue flowered variety of the lovely 'Butterfly Bush'. Well worth a place in any garden not only for the wealth of blossom but because of the certain arrival of the Tortoishells, Red Admirals, Painted Ladies and Peacocks.In 1 litre pots pruned to 30cms.Will make lovely flowering shrubs for next Summer £2.50
BUXUS HARLANDII JAPANESE BOX . This is very choice , but unfortunately not hardy, It does make a lovely Bonsai with excellent lined trunk and narrow leaves. Only a few left, pot grown  £5.00
BUXUS MACOWANIII was given this under this name but it does not agreen with descriptions I have just checked. The leaves are very narrow,no more than 3 or 4 mms. wide by 2 cms. long. Growth is typical bushy Box like. Rooted cuttings £1.00
BUXUS MICROPHYLLA SINENSIS(Chinese Box) A hardy substitute for Buxus Harlandii. Having similar narrow leaves and the ribbed trunk. The branches flowing outwards forming a cushion. Lovely 20 x 20cm. pot fulls for collection at 5 each, and smaller bushy from 2litre pots at.£2.50
BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS(Box Tree) Probably the most popular of low hedging.Collection only 30cms. high from 2litre pots £2.50
BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS ELEGANTISSIMA(Silver Box) A very bright silver shrub well coloured all year round. We have some fine specimens in 3 litre pots average 30cms high and bushy.For collection only. From£5.00
BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS MACULATA AUREA(Gold Box) These develop a lovely golden foliage when established in full sun. Surprisingly for a golden foliaged shrub, the growth is quite vigorous, the leaves slightly larger than those of most other varieties. The bulk of these are field grown. Bushy, Collection only, average 45cms, from £3.00
BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS SUFFRUTICOSA(Dwarf Box) The favourite for Knot Gardens,15cm in 2litre pots. for collection from 2.50. Mail order 8cm(3ins) from 9cm pots.£1.50
CARPINUS BETULUS HORNBEAM.2yr. Field grown ,hard pruned last Spring,will make excellent Bonsai.£2.50
CEDRUS DEODARAHIMALAYAN CEDAR. One of the best for Garden or Bonsai, The evergreen foliage is semi pendulous and always has a bluish sheen. It is easy to keep as a Garden shrub.Collection only . Pot grown from£5.00
CERCIS SILIQUASTRUMJUDAS TREE. A delightful tree producing its violet blue flowers from the trunk and branches. Pleasing rounded leaves. Pot grown  £3.00
CHAENOMELES RED FLOWERED(Japanese Quince) This is the most satisfactory shrub for making flowering Bonsai. Able to withstand hard pruning and bad treatment, yet still produce its bright red flowers every Spring, even as young plants.Pot grown  £3.00
CHAMAECYPARIS 'BOULEVARD'This is the tree most popular for 'Pom Pom' production. The beautiful soft blue foliage lends itself to forming 'clouds'. Growth is up to 15cms per year if well fed or can be much less in poor conditions, but the lovely colour is constant in sun or shade.
Best conditions are ericaceous type soil and partial shade. I have some bushy 20cm. trees from 2litre pots for collection at:
CHAMAECYPARIS AUREA DENSATypical Cypress branches but bright gold all year and growing very slowly.Pot grown 5yr.trees approx.30cms high and larger all for collection from £3.00
CHAMAECYPARIS OBTUSA NANA GRACILIS(Hinoki Cypress) This is the best available variety of this delightful dwarf conifer. The branches are held like hands, The colour a rich green. 3yr. approx. 15cms by 15cms Pot grown£4.50
CHAMAECYPARIS PISIFERA FILIFERAA green leaved dwarf variety with hair-like foliage. Gradually builds up into a bun shaped mound 2yr.pot grown £2.50
CHAMAECYPARIS PISIFERA SULPHUREAThis variety of SAWARA CYPRESS has lovely sulphur yellow foliage throughout the year. Can build up into dense clouds, what I call (Poodle cut). 20cm trees£3.50
COPROSMA BEATSONS GOLD'A neat golden leaved little bush that makes a good HOUSE PLANT or INDOOR BONSAI. Curious twirly flowers without petals. 15cms. £2.00
CORYLUS AVELLANA(Hazel Nut) These 4yr.bushes are only 20cms.high. Kept pruned for Bonsai, but will soon make a garden tree if needed.in which case, please say for Garden and I will send more suitable tree. £2.00
COTONEASTER MICROPHYLLUSSmall glossy evergreen leaves. White flowers and red berries. One of the best for flowering. All these Cotoneasters respond well to pruning£2.50
COTONEASTER SUECICUS CORAL BEAUTY. A selected variety with extra bright coral red berries. Ideal for rapid 2ft (60cm) evergreen covering of banks and odd corners. The leaves are small and glossy green £2.50
CRYPTOMERIA JAPONICA AUREA(Japanese Cedar) A lovely conifer for Bonsai or Garden. This is the yellowish green variety which looks so good especially in Winter. Collection only £3.00
CUNNINGHAMIA LANCEOLATA(Chinese Fir) A very distinctive conifer for the sheltered garden. Resembles a broad leaved Yew.A few larger specimeens at 5.00 and 3yr. seedlings,approx.25cms. at£2.50
CUPRESSOCYPARIS LEYLANDIIHEDGING Pot grown, staked in 3litre pots.90 to 100 cms. Collection only £3.00
CUPRESSOCYPARIS GOLD RIDER NEW GOLDEN version of above, brighter gold and slower growing 75cms in 3litre pots.Staked. for collection  £2.50
CUPRESSUS 'GOLDCREST'Possibly one of the brightest golden conifers. Grows 15cms or more per year, maintaining its dense conical shape. Recommended for any average size garden. Pot grown, approx.45cms 3.00 each for collection and some at 30cms for Mail Order at£2.00
EUCALYPTUS GUNNIIBLUE GUM. An outstanding evergreen or everblue tree. Fragrant foliage ,Pot grown,collection only. From£2.50
EUONYMUS JAPONICUS OVATUS AUREUSBright golden foliage on a slow growing shrub for sheltered garden or container.. Collection only £2.50
EUONYMUS 'EMERALD-n-GOLD'One of the finest ground-covers. Dense evergreen foliage provides a lovely covering to banks and bare spaces in sun or shade and in any normal soil. Rooted divisions. £1.00
FAGUS SYLVATICA BEECH 2yr. transplants, grown slowly outdoors, should make good Bonsai, average height is 30cms (1ft) £1.50
FRANGULA ALNUS(Alder Buckthorn) This rather ordinary looking small tree or shrub, becomes special because it is the food plant of the BRIMSTONE BUTTERFLY. The sight of this lovely insect, early in the year makes it a valuable garden feature. I have several 60 to 90 cm. (2 to 3ft.) bushes available:
For collection only). from
FRAXINUS EXCELSA(Ash Tree) A particularly easy tree for Bonsai. Leaves reduce very well and the winter appearance is very pleasing. from 9cm. pots £2.00
HEBE AUTUMN GLORY Rich bluish purple flowers from September onwards and purplish foliage.An old fshioned variety, a survivor.Pot grown £ 2.50
HEBE RED EDGE One of the finest dwarf grey foliage shrubs. Several of my long estavblished Hebes have suffered from the recent severe November frost, but this one and the following are completly untouched. from 1litre pots£3.00
HEBE VARIOUS I have a goodly number of just rooted Hebes of various kinds but will only add them to this list once rooting is certain and the Winter is over. There are still a number of different types in large pots for collection. from £3.00
HEBE TOPIARIA Small (1x0.5 cm)Silver grey leaves make this a lovely slow growing shrub, pale mauve to white flowers.Has never been affected by frost or disease over many years of growing here. Bushy young plants from 9cm. pots  £2.00
HEDERA HELIX 'GOLD HEART' Name changed to 'ORO DI BOGLIASCO'but still the most worthy of golden IVIES £2.00
HIPPOCREPIS EMERUSHardy evergreen shrub with bright yellow pea-shaped flowers in Spring and sometimes in Autumn. Pruned back to 30cms. from 9cm pots. £2.00
HORNBEAM see Carpinus betulus £2.50
ILEX AQUIFOLIUMHOLLY. Our own finest evergreen tree. for hedge or TOPIARY or planting in places where cats and dogs push through the boundary of your garden. 3year transplants average 20cms. high. Ready September onward £2.50
ILEX CRENATA CONVEXA JAPANESE HOLLY. A wondwerful densely branched, small shiny leaved,dwarf bushlet. No prickles on the leaves. Somtimes produces black berries Makes excellent Bonsai, 20cms by 20cms from 2 litre pots £5.00
JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS BLAAUW(Chinese Juniper) This is the favourite variety for training as Bonsai. Capable of forming those 'clouds' of blue-green foliage without difficulty. 3yr. pot grown approx.30cm high £5.00
JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS OBLONGABegins as a dense cluster of juvenile growth but later changes to adult foliage. It is easy to prune so that either type is selected.  £4.50
JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS PARSONSII A sidways growing form that develops a nice thick trunk. from 2litre pots . £4.50
JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS KAIZUKA Similar to Jun blaauw but bright green all year. A very attractive Garden shrub as well as a good Bonsai subject.9cm.pots£3.00
JUNIPERUS 'CONSTANCE FRANKLIN'A slow growing narrow column. Silver tipped foliage. 20cm.Repotted to 1litre pots July 2005 £3.00
JUNIPERUS RIGIDA CONFERTA A prostrate form of the NEEDLE JUNIPER. Ideal for Cascade Bonsai or trailing over banks and walls in the Garden. £3.00
JUNIPERUS SARGENTIIA greyish-green prostrate variety with very tight foliage and a naturally twisting growth. A Bonsai favourite.3yr. pot grown£3.00
JUNIPERUS SQUAMATA MEYERI Steel blue, pointed foliage and a 60 degree lean make this a very distinctive Conifer for Bonsai or Garden 20cm. pot grown  £3.00
LIGUSTRUM OVALIFOLIUM AUREUMGOLDEN PRIVET.A lovely splash of gold foliage to brighten the winter landscape, easily kept to any size. Much less'pushy' than the green variety,so suitable for today's more limited space. 2ft (60cm) Pot Grown.collection only from £2.50
METASEQUOIA GLYPTOSTROBOIDES DAWN REDWOOD.The ferny foliage looks good in both Summer and Autumn when it develops a strong rusty red colour. This species was believed extinct until a grove was found in China in the 1940s. but fossils of the leaves are found in the Coal Measures. 2 and 3litre potfuls collection only from £3.00
MYRTUS COMMUNIS TARENTINA(Dwarf Myrtle) With fluffy white flowers and 1cm. leaves this is a fine bush for House Plant or training as an indoor bonsai. Nearly hardy so best outdoors for summer. The whole bush is fragrant like Mediterranean maquis. 15cm.from 9cm.pots£2.50
NOTHOFAGUS DOMBEYI A seldom seen, small leaved evergreen tree. Introduced here in 1914 from Argentine and Chile. These 2 year seedlings are from a group of these trees growing in mid Hampshire. Probably need some shelter in the first year or two. Bushy 60cm. from 2 litre. pots £5.00.
NOTHOFAGUS OBLIQUA(SOUTHERN BEECH)A pleasing tree with slightly crisped leaves, which fall in Autumn. Should make good Bonsai as the leaves are smaller than those of our native Beech.9cm. pots £2.50
OLEA EUROPEA(Olive) A really attractive tree with its pale grey stems and green-grey leaves. Easily trained as Container plants for the patio, or as a Bonsai. I have left them outside all winter but growth tends to be nipped and they are slow to start again in spring. A cold greenhouse is all they need.I have several 3 to 6ft. high specimens of the fruiting type for collection from£7.00
OLEARIA SOLANDRISmall white Daisy-like flowers. Tiny leaves and upright growth. 2yr. from 9cm. pot £2.00
PAEONIA DELAVAYI(Tree Paeony) Forms a 6ft. clump of bold deep cut foliage bearing frgrant deep red flowers.2yr.pot grown £3.00
PAEONIA LUTEA(Tree Paeony) Beautiful yellow flowers up to 10cm (4ins.) across on a 6 to 8ft (2metre) high bush with attractive cut foliage. Fully hardy. These 2yr plants may take three years before flowering but will be well worth while. £3.00
PICEA ABIES(Christmas Tree)Several larger trees 3 to 5ft. tall, field grown, for lifting from late September onwards,from 7.A 1 to 2ft, in 10inch pots for collection from  £4.00
PICEA ALBERTIANA CONICA(Dwarf Christmas Tree) A slow growing Conifer which forms a dense conical shape without any pruning. Growth is about 10cms per year. Trees offered are 6 yr.densly furnished 30cm. bushes.Pot grown£5.00
PINUS CEMBRA(Arolla Pine) This is a very pleasing five-needle Pine with moderate growth rate and a dense conical shape. I have grown these very slowly, so they have quite thick trunks relative to their height, making them suitable for both Bonsai and Garden planting. 8yr.trees. They are now all in 6inch or larger pots, so regret collection only, from£3.00
PINUS DENSIFLORAJAPANESE RED PINE I have few nice specimens of this seldom offered Japanese Native Tree, resembling our Scots Pine but with thinner and greener needles.2yr. 9cm pots £2.50
PINUS MUGO PUMILIODWARF MOUNTAIN PINE These 10yr. old trees are still less than 30cms. tall or wide,but with thick winding trunks. Ideal for Rock Garden or Bonsai.Collection from £7.00
PINUS PARVIFLORAJAPANESE WHITE PINE.Nicely branched, from 1litre pots£5.00
PINUS TABULIFORMIS CHINESE PINE. This is the first time I have grown them and these 3yr. seedlings are looking very fresh and bright green. The tree varies in habit according to the area it comes from. I suspect these will be of medium growth but only time will tell. Pot grown  £2.50
PINUS WALLICHIANABHUTAN PINE. Rather soft, 15cm (6inch) blue green needles make this one of the most beautiful of conifers. 20cm. pot grown £2.50
PODOCARPUS ACUTIFOLIUSAn unusual Conifer with sharply pointed small leaves which go bronzy brown in Winter. Makes a fairly dense conical bush. increasing by approx 6ins yearly.30cm. transplants £2.00
PODOCARPUS MACROPHYLLUS A species used for Bonsai. Very distinct with leaves up to 5cms. long, and a sprawling habit if left untrained, but that helps make a Bonsai. In the garden best grown as a wide spreading shrub . I have a few older specimens variously priced, or 30cms.Pot grown £2.50
PODOCARPUS RED TIP(new) Dark green foliage ,resembles a denser Yew.Slow growing and well worth a place in the Garden. £2.50
PODOCARPUS NIVALISThis is a dwarf or Alpine relative of P.totara. Forming a ground cover of sub arctic regions of New Zealand. A dwarf conifer with branches densely covered with broad green 1 to 2 cm. leaves.An excellent candidate for Bonsai or Rock Garden. Fully hardy and able to withstand drought. Strong bushes, at least 6years old, from 2litre pots £5.00
POMEGRANATE(Punica granata) A really pleasing exotic fruit that is nearly hardy. With red flowers and small leaves, this tree makes a fine Patio bush, needing only cold greenhouse protection in winter. Also soon makes a pleasing Bonsai. Leafless in winter.Older trees for collection from £ 5.
QUERCUS ROBUR(English Pedunculate Oak) Our own King of the woods. Pot grown 2yr. £1.00
RHODODENDRON BLUE TITA wonderful slow growing shrub, the picture is of the 30yr. old stock plant against my house wall. Pot grown approx 30cms (1ft.)£3.00
SAGERETIA THEA(Chinese Bird Plum) A fine subject for INDOOR BONSAI, compact evergreen growth with small leaves. Rapid recovery from pruning. Needs a frost free but cool window.£1.50
SANTOLINA ROSMARINIFOLIA GREEN COTTON LAVRNDER. Vivid green finely cut foliage, makes this an excelllent dwarf hedge. or a welcome bright green bush in the winter garden.Pale lemon yellow flowers in Summer. 9cm.pots £2.00
SANTOLINA 'SMALL NESS'Dwarf COTTON LAVENDER. Makes a dense ball of scented grey foliage. After 2 years the stock plant in my rock Garden is only 20 x20 cms. Hardy and happy in any sunny place.4yr.bushes ex 2litre.pots£5.00
SERISSA JAPONICATREE OF 1000 THOUSAND STARS. A favourite Bonsai subject. The form I offer has silver edged leaves and larger flowers than the original.Sturdy pot grown specimens.£2.50
TAXUS BACCATAYEW TREE.As well as 3yr. slow grown for Bonsai at 2.00. We have some strong field grown bushes with excellent roots, 60 TO90cms(2 to3 ft). transplants which Should be safe to move from late September onward at£4.00
TEUCRIUM CHAMAEDRYS(Germander) This a delightful evergreen shrub will make a small hedge up to 45cm high. Was at one time used instead of Box for edging beds. Rosy-purple flowers in late summer are a bonus, it is its hardy evergreenness that pleases.Pot grown£2.00
TILIA CORDATA(Small-leaved Lime or LINDEN) This a lovely tree for the garden. Very amenable to pruning. This makes it equally good for larger sized Bonsai. Regrowth is rapid and pruning wounds soon heal.2yr trees,field grown,partly pruned to 15cms £2.00
TSUGA CANADENSIS(Hemlock Spruce) Graceful pendulous foliage. Hardy, evergreen conifer 20cms.9cm.pots £2.50
TSUGA HETEROPHYLLA Similar to above. I have some very pleasing older trees of this species, both potted or in Bonsai trays, fom £5.00
YUCCA 'IVORY'A hardy, softer leaved Yucca (not so dangerous) which still produces that wonderful column of bell like white flowers.Strong pot grown plants £2.50
ZELKOVA SERRATA. I have some good 3yr.pruned back of this excellent ELM-like tree, which has always been a popular for use as a Bonsai. responding well to pruning and shaping Pot grown  £ 2.50
ZELKOVA SERRATA 'YATSUBUSA'A small leaved variety that is suitable for INDOOR or OUTDOOR growing. To form similar Bonsai to the Ulmus 'Yatsubusa'The small leaves have soft hairs on the edges.Box grown transplants £'2.50