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Peter Trenear's Tree Nursery in XXXXXXX, Hampshire.
Last updated 19 February 2018
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ADROMISCHUS COOPERI A lovely little succulent with purple spotted leaves.Pot grown£2.00
AEONIUM ARBOREUM SWARTZKOP (Black Head)A super SUCCULENT Big black rosettes on a sturdy stem make this an ideal dot plant for Summer bedding and adorn the Conservatory for the Winter.Approx.20cms. high, Pot grown.Difficult to pack safely so collection only. £2.00
AEONIUM GOMERENSE CARTWHEEL PLANT. Soon forms a little bush bearing typical blue-green rosettes on short stems.These get a reddish edge when in the sun.It sends roots into the air. Well Branched Pot grown plants£2.00
AGAVE AMERICANA VARIGATA Spectacular silver markings on a strong exotic looking plant . Summer Bedding dot plant.Beware the sharp spines at end of leaves.Strong pot grown plants up to 30cms(1ft) across. Collection only.from£5.00
AICHRYSON DOMESTICUMIt's name seems to have been changed to A. BETHENCOURTIANUM. It is a fragile litle bushlet with small rosettes and yellow flowers in plenty.Possibly because of this something to cherish. Unrooted pieces £1.00
ALOE MELANACANTHARHS Award of Merit. A fine plant to put outdoors for the Summer.Strong leaves with soft white spines and a super red flower spike Pot grown 1yr. £2.50
ALOE SPINOSISSIMAAn attractive grey-green sub-shrub, with rather narrrow juicy leaves, tends to form a many stemmed bush, breaking from the base. Flowers are supposedly red but so far mine have never flowered. Looks good in the Summer Bedding scheme, but keep frost free. Collection only. from£2.00
ALOE VARIGATAAs its name suggests Silver leaves arise from a central stump. A pleasing Windowsill plant with pink flowers.Needs very little water to keep healthy.from 3inch pots £2.00
BEGONIA DREGGII This is a real fun Bonsai. In only a season, if kept pinched back the stems fatten between the nodes.resembling the famous Buddha's Belly Bamboo, which seems virtually unobtainable. The pretty white flowers and red tinged foliage are an added attraction.From 3inch pots £2.00
CEROPEGIA WOODIIFantastic trailing plant, with tiny leaves and weird flowers.I can supply pieces with rooting corm attached.£1.00
CRASSULA ARBORESCENSLike a silver leaved JADE PLANT, similar thick trunk and tree like growth.Transplants £2.50
CRASSULA COOPERI A nice small leaved carpeting plant with masses of white flowers in Autumn (it's out now in November)£2.00
CRASSULA OVATA(Jade Plant or Money Plant) A favourite House Plant that will withstand weeks of neglect and recover in a few hours. Makes a big strong trunk. Pot grown. Regret only collectable older ones remain, from£5.00
CRASSULA OVATA HUMMELS SUNSET The leaves change from green to reddish and yellow, according to the ammount of light they receive. These Crassulas are just right for outdoors in this hot summer, They store on a frost free windowsill through the winter and early spring ,with only minimum watering. They are difficult tio post as the leaves easily break off, so please collect if possible to buy a pot grown plant. but I can post small pieces at £1.00
CRASSULA OVATA GOLLUM This is a really wierd looking plant, the succulent leaves are cut off at the end. I purchased the original as GREEN JADE, but it appears that GOLLUM is the official name. Green Jade does describe it very well as you can see in the picture. Pot grown at£1.50
CRASSULA OVATA NANA Just like the JADE PLANT but only half size in all its parts. In a good light it develops reddish edgings to the leaves.Transplants £2.00
CRASSULA OVATA VARIEGATA Just what the name says,a Jade Plant with silvery marked leaves.  £2.00
CRASSULA FALCATASilvery grey sickle shaped leaves. like no other plant , Good for the windowsill. Pot grown£2.50
CRASSULA LACTEA This one forms a cushion of green oval leaves and plenty of white flowers. Pot grown  £2.00
CRASSULA MUSCOSAVery different with many rather Moss-like bright green stems. Pieces only, they root with ease.£1.00
CRASSULA OBLIQUAThis is a varigated JADE or MONEY PLANT, similar to those above, The obliqua refers to its habit of leaning sideways, despite which it is very attractive. I have 2 strong pot grown left for collection at £3.00
CRASSULA PICTURATA Small red edged leaves and masses of white flowers over a 3inch high cushion of foliage. Several divisions £1.00
CRASSULA SARCOCAULISThe red flowered form of this tree-like nearly hardy succulent.£1.50
CRASSULA SARCOCAULIS ALBAA small tree-like succulent, hardy in sheltered position. The small leaves and white flowers make a right sized canopy to what appears as a small tree only 10 to 20cms high. Pot grown. £1.50
CRASSULA 'Ken Aslet'A pink flowered variety.Named after RHS Rock Garden expert.£1.50
CRASSULA SOCIALIS As the namme suggests produces many stems with an abundance of grey-green 1.2cm. leaves.Rooted portions £1.00
CRASSULA 'TRES BON'A larger version of C. sarcocaulis that must stay frost free. Soon makes a good trunk and has leaves of appropriate size. Whiter flowers in late summer. from 9cm. pots.£1.50
ECHEVERIA DEROSA "WORFIELD WONDER" Forms a large rosette with smoother leaves. Mine haven't flowered yet but I presume this is the 'wonder'Rooted rosette  £2.00
ECHEVERIA HARMSII SETOLIVER This is the lovely orange flowered variety, which builds up a short stem, so the flowers tend to weep around the rosettes. Very attractive. rooted divisions£1.00
ECHEVERIA DERENBERGII This is like the E.secunda species but only quarter size. Orangy red flowers on 5inch stems, soon builds up a mound of rosettes.2 unrooted rosettes for £1.00
ECHEVERIA MINIMA This was E. derenbergii but latest authority gives it this name.I use "Succulents Vols. 1 and 2" by by Costeva and Costanzo as a source they have masses of pictures.. Rosettes of E.minima £1.00
ECHEVERIA PROLIFiICATypical silvery rosettes which send out runners with new rosettes on the end.Have only had this a few months but can supply a few babies at £1.00
ECHEVERIA SECUNDAA beautiful creamy green rosette, approx.4cms diameter.Bears orange red flowers in summer.Makes a good edging to summer bedding,and in winter needs virtually no water, so can be left in any frost free but well lighted position and started again in spring. per rosette£1.00
ECHEVERIA SECUNDA GLAUCA As above but with more pointed leaves £1.00
EUPHORBIA ATRISPINALooks much like a Cactus but is not related.Makes a dense clump of stems up to about 15cms.Pot grown£2.50
GASTERIA BRACHYPHYLLAVery distinctive spotted leaves in a ground hugging clump. white flowers on long stems seem irrelevant.Rooted divisions £2.00
GRAPTOVERIA Dr.Phillips Pink Very desirable Hybrid, that puts typical Echeveria rosettes on a wandering stem, with lots of youngsters at its base.Rosettes £1.00
HAEMANTHUS ALBIFLOS This is a plant like no other, big curved leaves and a stalk with a bunch of white flowers £3.00
HAWORTHIA COOPERI Similar to the next but bigger and plumper in all its parts. These grow in South Africa, their leaves half buried in the sand, The transparent tips allowing light into the factory below. Nice potfuls£2.00
HAWORTHIA CYMBIFORMISI A fascinating succulent. which forms a clump of small rosettes, with green leaves almost transparent at the tips. Small white flowers in Summer. These may just be 2 varieties of the same species. Naming is difficult. Well filled 3inch pots £2.00
JOVIBARBA HIRTAHardy, used to be SEMPERVIVUM HIRTUM. A delightful little plant Tight rosettes of red tinged leaves, in a dense cluster that pushes further little balls out, to roll away and start a new colony.3inch pot  £1.00
KALANCHOE DIAGRAMONTAThe triangular leaves bear baby plants round the edges on a straight strem with orange tubular flowers in Summer.Several Babies to grow on £1.00
KALANCHOE FEDTSCHENKOIA lovely succulent with apricot flowers and leaves that sometimes produce babies on their edges.A good window-sill plant. pot grown £1.00
KALANCHOE PUMILA One of the daintiest succulents. with pretty pink flowers in a nest of grey foliage. Rooted divisions£1.00
KALANCHOE TUBIFLORUM Virtually every tubular leaf produces several babies on the edge. Best grown with very little food in a sunny window. Produces a 1 foot stem with tubular orange flowers.Young plant with many Babies on the leaves£1.00
LEDEBOURIA SOCIALIS Once called Scilla socialis violaceae. This is a fascinating evergreen bulb for the cool greenhouse, Conservatory or the window sill.Quickly forms a clump of purple leaves arising from a cluster of bulbs which rest upon the surface of the soil. Violet coloured flowers appear in Spring.Pot grown£2.50
SEDUM ALBUM TERETIFOLIUM MURALEA miniature version of the overpowering Sedum album proper. This is a lovely,1 inch high carpeter with pale pink flowers.4inch pot £2.00
SEDUM DASYPHYLLUMThis is perhaps one of the smallest Sedums.Tiny blue green leaves set close together on trailing stems.white flowers£2.00
SEDUM FRUTESCENSA Mexican Sedum with super trunk and narrow leaves. Very tree-like, leafless in winter. A SUCCULENT that needs to be almost dried out all winter. Pot grown.£2.00
SEDUM MORGANIANUMWhite,trailing stems with close set tubular leaves. Unique. 1 trailer £1.00
SEDUM OBTUSATUM Strong growing fat green leaves that turn red as they age.Yellow flowers. Not quite hardy but so powerful looking it is worth sheltering over winter £1.00
SEDUM OREGANUMPerhaps the most beautiful of the carpeting Sedums. Yellow flowers and red globules of leaf . This is my personal favourite of all this genus£1.00
SEDUM OXYPETALUMAnother Mexican ,tree-like, with stout trunk similar to S.frutescens ,but more rounded leaves and colourless flowers. Collect only, from £3.00
SEDUM PALMERI Bright yellow flowers on a 6 inch clump of silvery grey trailing foliage.I grow it on my Rock Garden but always keep a reserve in shelter for the Winter.One of the best Sedums for flower.Rooted division £1.00
SEDUM POPULIFOLIUM The only Sedum in Bean's 'Trees & Shrub Hardy in the British Isles'.Forms a bush up to 2ft. with pretty leaves and pink flowers on every branch in late Summer.2yr.pot grown £2.00
SEDUM PRAEALTUMI love bright green foliage of this rather tree-like species. On the borders of hardiness, grown really hard on poorest soil is usually OK. Nice bushy fresh leaved pot grown£2.00
SEDUM SEXANGULARE (Stonecrop)Bright yellow flowers cover adense carpet of little green leaves 2ins(5cms) high. This is much like our Native Stonecrop, but that is eaten by Slugs, this one is resistant.£1.00
SEDUM SPURIUMA strong growing, hardy 2inch high ground cover for very poor soil in sun or part shade.Rosy pink flowers in Summer £2.00
SEDUM SPURIUM VARIGATUMOne of the prettiest foliage rock plants. Bright white and green vareigation, shows up wonderfully. Ground and rock hugging a speciality.Pot grown£1.00
SEMPERVIVUM MRS GUISEPPII2 to3 cm. rosettes. Almost transparent green with dark tips. One of the most attractive.ex pot £1.00
SEMPERVIVUM OTHELL.OAn outstanding Semp.with reddish purple rosettes up to10cms. across,Tough and hardy,loves poor soil in sunshine, but survives elsewhere.Per full size rosette with 1 or 2 littlun's £1.50
SEMPERVIVUM TECTORUM(House Leek) A smooth leaved rosette, with faint purple tinge, which deepens in full sun. Increases rapidly to form further rosettes. One of the oldest types, such as were used to stick on roofs to prevent leaks. At least 3 rosettes £1.00
SEMPERVIVUM MIXED NAMED I can supply a collection of 5 different named varieties for 4.00 as rooted rosettes (never less than 2 per variety and up to 5 of the smaller kinds.) or separately £1.00
SENECIO ARTICULATAA cluster of grey columns, with leaves at the top and sometimes a yellow Daisy-like flower. This is another species of our native wild flowers, Groundsel and Ragwort.2 or 3 columns £1.00
SENECIO SERPENSAnother fascinating succulent with trailing stems bearing grey cylindrical leaves. Makes a good Windowsill plant. Rooted division  £1.00
STAPELIA VARIGATAMakes a clump of strange green tems, approx. Asparagus size, up to 20cms. high. The flower is a large star of varying colour.These have not yet flowered.2 rooted stems £1.00