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xxxxxxx Lane

Telephone: 0118 XXX XXXX
Peter Trenear's Tree Nursery in XXXXXXX, Hampshire.
Last updated 19 February 2018
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ACAENA BUCHANANII A carpet of bright silvery foliage,in summer and winter.An ideal plant for filling cracks in paving, underplanting Bulbs, or adding to a colourful lawn, miixing in with the Grass£1.00
ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS(Lady's Mantle) A 30cm. high perennial plant with beautiful silvery grey leaves, Lime green flowers. Wonderful effect as it spills over paving. from 1 litre. pots £2.00
ALEXANDERSSMYRNIUM OLUSATRUM. A herb of distinction. Brought here by The ROMANS. to provide green eatable leaves through the winter. In west Wales this grows along the wooded banks. Well worth a place in the Herb Garden or like mine ,beneath the window so the yellow umbel flowers are visible in April and May as I write.1 year seedlings £1.00
ALLIUM SHOENOPRASUM CHIVES.Replace Onions with these mild but tasty Leaves, that have give a bonus of violet flowers on 1ft. stems every Summer.Clump of at least 5 bulbs £2.00
ALLIUM URSINUM BROAD LEAVED GARLIC.or WOOD GARLIC.or RAMSONS. Forms a carpet of shiny green leaves and starry white flowers in the Spring. The leaves are nice in Salads ,milder than Garlic from Bulbs,Clump of 5 bulbs  £2.00
ALYSSUM WULFENIANUMGround hugging ,with small leaves and yelllow flowers in Spring and tends to flower again later in the Summer9cm. pot  £2.50
ASPIDISTRA That famous HOUSEPLANT whose rich green leaves survive the uncertainties of watering, lighting and neglect. Song by Gracie Fields "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World".,from 2lire pots at£3.00
AUBRIETIA 'EILA' A really good double red flowered plant of this Rock Garden essential. Collection only as I find Aubrietia 'goes off'if delayed in the post and smells like dead Cabbage.Potr grown  £2.50
AURICULA ALPINE This beautiful relative of the Primrose, has fascinating colour ringed flowers, ranging between rose and purple shades. I offer 2yr unflowered seedlings raised from a mixed batch of parents including semi doubles. The photo shows the first to flower out of season this autumn, the rest should flower Spring 2008. Pot grown£2.00
CAMPANULA COCHLEARIIFOLIAMINI HAREBELL. Forms a dense mat bearing lovely little Harebells on 4inch stems.Pot grown£1.50
CAMPANULA PORTENSLAGIANA Violet blue bell flowers on 6inch stems. Neat evergreen foliage. One of my favourite Rock Plants. 3" pots £1.50
CAMPANULA POSCHARSKYANAAn evergreen carpeter with star like light blue flowers for many months. Wonderful for banks and happy in light shade.£1.50
ERIGERON KARVINSKIANUS(Dancing Daisy) Each plant a mixture of pink and white flowers all summer long. A 20cm (9inch) Rock Plant. Best grown in the poorest soil in sun. Does well in paving.£0.90
FERNS MALE FERN(Dryopteris felix mas) A good reliable plant for shady places Fronds average 60 to 90 cms(2to3 ft.)from 2litre pots for collection, or for Mail Order smaller pot grown £3.00
DWARF BUCKLER FERN Like a smaller Male Fern but only half the size and nearly evergreen,Pot grown  £3.00
GERANIUM MACRORHIZUMA hardy Geranium with pink flowers and a semi-evergreen scented foliage that makes a fine 20cm (10in) ground cover in sun or shade. Strong plants £2.50
GERANIUM SANGUINEUM(Bloody Cranesbill) Not really swearing, it was the colour of the native species. These seedlings from the larger flowered garden form are of varying shades of pink. Super long flowering, 20cms. high. For anywhere in the garden. £2.00
HELIANTHEMUM ETNASingle orange flowers over several months £1.00
HELIANTHEMUM WISLEY PINKBeautiful pink fls. and silver-grey foliage £1.00
HELLEBORUS FOETIDUSProduces a leafy over wintering 45cm. stem bearing glossy green, deep cut leaves, topped by a circle of creamy-green flowers. Fills a 45cm space to give a point of interest to the winter days. 1yr. seedlings.  £2.00
HELLEBORUS ORIENTALISLENTEN ROSE. A beautiful Spring flower,with bold pink or white flowers, many with spotted throats. 9cm. £3.00
JOVIBARBA HIRTAHardy, used to be SEMPERVIVUM HIRTUM. A delightful little plant Tight rosettes of red tinged leaves, in a dense cluster that pushes further little balls out, to roll away and start a new colony.3inch pot  £1.00
LYCHNIS CORONARIA This is a wonderful plant for dry sunny places. The silver leaves are covered with soft down that shields them from sun and frost. The flowers are of a vivid intense red. Height 1 to 2ft..Strong field grown. £1.00
MENTHA REQUIENIICORSICAN MINT.Peppermint scented 1inch high Ground Cover,for pots, BONSAI. and shaded paths. Forms a dense evergreen mat in moist, shaded places. from 3inch pots £1.00
MINT(Mentha varieties) Bowles's Apple Mint is the one we use for cooking, but I also supply Morocco Mint,(very pungent) and Eau de Cologne Mint (deters flies).
All fine fragrance, and all (for good rooted divisions) at:
OPHIOPOGON PLANISCAPUS NIGRESCENSBlack MONDO GRASS. A super Ground Cover and often used as a BONSAI ACCENT PLANT. Hardy and best in semi-shade it increases slowly by runners. Violet flowers like tiny Blue bells are followed by black berries (don't eat them).Supplied as field grown plants capable of division I also have the green form at the same price of:£2.50
SEDUM ALBUM TERETIFOLIUM MURALEA miniature version of the overpowering Sedum album proper. This is a lovely,1 inch high carpeter with pale pink flowers.4inch pot £2.00
SEDUM DASYPHYLLUMThis is perhaps one of the smallest Sedums.Tiny blue green leaves set close together on trailing stems.white flowers£2.00
SEDUM OREGANUMPerhaps the most beautiful of the carpeting Sedums. Yellow flowers and red globules of leaf . This is my personal favourite of all this genus£1.00
SEDUM PALMERI Bright yellow flowers on a 6 inch clump of silvery grey trailing foliage.I grow it on my Rock Garden but always keep a reserve in shelter for the Winter.One of the best Sedums for flower.Rooted division £1.00
SEDUM PRAEALTUMI love bright green foliage of this rather tree-like species. On the borders of hardiness, grown really hard on poorest soil is usually OK. Nice bushy fresh leaved pot grown£2.00
SEDUM SEXANGULARE (Stonecrop)Bright yellow flowers cover adense carpet of little green leaves 2ins(5cms) high. This is much like our Native Stonecrop, but that is eaten by Slugs, this one is resistant.£1.00
SEDUM SPURIUMA strong growing, hardy 2inch high ground cover for very poor soil in sun or part shade.Rosy pink flowers in Summer £2.00
SEDUM SPURIUM VARIGATUMOne of the prettiest foliage rock plants. Bright white and green vareigation, shows up wonderfully. Ground and rock hugging a speciality.Pot grown£1.00
SEMPERVIVUM MRS GUISEPPII2 to3 cm. rosettes. Almost transparent green with dark tips. One of the most attractive.ex pot £1.00
SEMPERVIVUM OTHELL.OAn outstanding Semp.with reddish purple rosettes up to10cms. across,Tough and hardy,loves poor soil in sunshine, but survives elsewhere.Per full size rosette with 1 or 2 littlun's £1.50
SEMPERVIVUM TECTORUM(House Leek) A smooth leaved rosette, with faint purple tinge, which deepens in full sun. Increases rapidly to form further rosettes. One of the oldest types, such as were used to stick on roofs to prevent leaks. At least 3 rosettes £1.00
SEMPERVIVUM MIXED NAMED I can supply a collection of 5 different named varieties for 4.00 as rooted rosettes (never less than 2 per variety and up to 5 of the smaller kinds.) or separately £1.00
SOLEIROLIA SOLEIROLII(Mind your own Business) Ground Covering replacement for grass. Bright green 5cm (2inch) dense mat which can be walked on. Also makes a ground cover for Bonsai as it takes very little from the soil. Large quantities at 25 Per square metre are for collection only. 4inch (10cm by 10cm) squares of turf for£1.00
SOLEIROLIA_GOLD as above but with bright golden foliage. Less hardy than the green, so sold from 9cm. pots. Lovely on the windowsill through the Winter, looks like blond hair.Or worth risking in a sheltered position outdoors in shade.£1.00
TEUCRIUM CHAMAEDRYS(Germander) This a delightful evergreen shrub will make a small hedge up to 45cm high. Was at one time used instead of Box for edging beds. Rosy-purple flowers in late summer are a bonus, it is its hardy evergreenness that pleases.Pot grown£2.00
VINCA MINOR LE GRAVEUsed to be called 'Bowles' Variety'. Bright blue flowers, one of the most free flowering. This is in my opinion the finest dwarf Ground Cover for sun or shade. Soils rich or poor. Quickly forms a dense carpet of glossy evergreen leaves 15 to 20cms. (6 to 9 in) high. The bright blue flowers appear in quantity every Spring.Pot grown £2.50
VINCA MINOR ALBAWhite flowers and the same ability to form a 6inch high carpet of evergreen leaves £2.50
VINCA MINOR FLORE PLENADouble flowered blue. £2.50
VINCA MINOR MULTIPLEXpurple flowered £2.50
VINCA MINOR VARIGATAsilver varigated leaves, pale blue flowers. £2.50