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xxxxxxx Lane

Telephone: 0118 XXX XXXX
Peter Trenear's Tree Nursery in XXXXXXX, Hampshire.

Box trees for hedging and Topiary.

We have a good selection of Box Trees suitable for Topiary priced from £2.50 upward. Price is based on height,width, variety and pot size.
The smallest in 2 litre pots are Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa and the silver foliaged, Buxus semp.elegantissima of approximately 15 to 25cms high or wide. Both these are available from £1.50 each if collected.

The ordinary Buxus sempervirens, is really quite a good substitute for the slowest growing variety. It can remain as a low hedge for many years. The main difference being the need to trim it more frequently, perhaps twice instead of once each year. I do have a number of these from 1 to 2ft high in 2 3 and 5 litre pots Prices range from 3 to 10 depending on bushiness and suitability for TOPIARY.Please note these are for collection only.

GOLD LEAVED BOX (Buxus semp.maculata aurea)
I have some excellent 2ft (60cm) high bushes in the open ground. These are strong growing and make an good dwarf hedge. Only £3 each if purchased before April 1st. After which we shall have potted them and they will be £5 or £7 each next season.

Larger sizes of all varieties and trimmed specimens are of varying prices up to £50 each.

All have been raised from birth on this Nursery, there is no imported stock.

These are for collection only as smaller sizes will not be ready again until the Autumn.

So if you are near the Nursery do please come and visit .
I feel sure there will be suitable pot grown or field grown trees to suit most purposes.

I also have rooted cuttings of substitutes for Box. LONICERA NITIDA (Chinese Honeysuckle). This is very small leaved and evergreen, suitable for a low hedge.
Also rooted cuttings of GERMANDER (Teucrium chamaedrys), and Euonymus japonicus microphyllus, both of which are capable of substituting for Dwarf Box.
5 rooted cuttings of any of these for £2. Larger sizes will be available in the Autumn. If ordering cuttings only, the carriage will be £1.50 per order.

All cuttings raised on this Nursery.

Silver Box

SILVER BOX (Buxus sempervirens elegantissima)
A specimen like this, average price is £25.
All those offered have been established in their pots for at least one season.